(Calcium Iodate) 

Calcium iodate: Potassium iodates with a chemical formula Ca (IO3) 2 crystallize in the prismatic monoclinic structure. It is a white color Powder with a very low solubility (3 g / L in 25 ℃) in water, due to the presence of impurities; it can also be colored with pale cream or yellow, which results from anodic oxidation of calcium iodide. The other name is Lautarite, which is commonly used by geologists. This material is the main source of iodine production in Chile.

Most of the calcium iodate is consumed in the country for the preparation of supplements and feed for livestock and poultry, but in other countries it is added to bread pastry, as well as is added to ointments and lotions as disinfectants.


Monoclinic structure of calcium iodine

یدات کلسیم
Calcium iodate

Latin name

Ca (IO3)2 Chemical formula


CAS number

389.88 g/mol (anhydrous)

407.90 g/mol (monohydrate)


white powder Appearance
4.52g/cm3 Density
decomposes Boiling point

540C (monohydrate)

Melting point

At 0 ° C 0.9 g/l

At 20 ° C 2.4 g/l

At 90 ° C 6.7 g/l

 Solubility in water


The product characteristics of Calcium Iodate based on FCC

Results Test
A white crystalline powder Appearace
Complies Identification 
NMT 4mg/Kg Heavy metals (as pb) 
Between 99.0% to 101.0% Assay 

 Packaging of all products is in metalized packs containing 3 layers of polyester, aluminum, and polyethylene.

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یدات کلسیم
یدات کلسیم