Iodine with a chemical formula I2 crystallizes in the orthorhombic structure. Solid is dark (dark purple) with very low solubility in water (0.34 g / L at 25 ℃), but with increasing temperature, the solubility increases. Iodine has a good solubility in iodide solutions and comes in the form of polyhedron ion. Iodine also is dissolved in solutions of chloride, bromide and other salts. Iodine is soluble in many organic solvents, and almost in every color takes up different colors. The difference in colors is due to the transfer of charge in the complexes.

Iodine authourmic structure

ساختار ید
ساختار ید

Uses: In pharmacy, in preparing of a povidone-idin disinfected solution, glycerin for the livestock, the production of various iodine derivatives, catalytic applications in the production of acetic acid.

Iodine Product Feature

Results Test
Max 250 ppm Chloride ,Bromide
%Max 0.1  Non-volatile substances
Min 99.5%  Assay

Net weight; 25 kg

Safety: Keep away from combustible materials and metals such as aluminum.

Methods of storage and handling: Keep in the cool environment and away from direct sunlight and extreme heat in fully sealed containers.