Potassium iodate: potassium iodate with a chemical formula KIO3 crystallized in the monoclinic structure. Powder is a white color with a moderate solubility (92 g / L in 25 ℃) in water that is more stable than potassium iodine, for this reason, potassium iodine is used to iodize salt.

Monoclinic structure of potassium iodate

یدات پتاسیم


Potassium iodine has many applications in the pharmaceutical and disinfecting industries, iodizing salt and preparation the supplements, and animal feed and poultry, and the production of potassium iodine tablets (pills) to prevent the absorption of radioactive iodine.

potassium iodate

Compound name

KIO3 Chemical formula
7758-05-6 CAS number
white powder Appearance
3.89 g/cm3 Density
0 Boiling point
 560 C Melting point

Potassium iodine product based on FCC

Results Test
A white crystalline powder Appearance
5.0 - 8.0 Acidity or Alkalinity (5% Solution)
Max 0.02% Chloride,Chlorate,Bromide,Bromate
Max 20 ppm Iodide
Max 50 ppm Sulfate
Max 20 ppm Heavy metals (as pb)
Max 0.5% Loss on Drying
Min 99.50% Assay

Net weight: 25 kg

Packaging of all products is in metalized packs containing 3 layers of polyester, aluminum, and polyethylene.

بسته بندی محصول


Potassium iodide is a stable material, but also a strong oxidizing agent that is incompatible with organic matter. Keep away from combustible material.

Methods of storage and handling:

Keep in a cool environment away from the direct sunlight and extreme heat and in fully sealed containers, and avoid any detergent or organic matter.