(Potassium Iodide)

یدید پتاسیم

Potassium iodide with KI chemical formula crystallized in a cubic structure.it is a White powder with high solubility in water that can be changed in yellow in the presence of air and light oxygen. Its color variation is due to the oxidation of iodide ions to molecular iodine; therefore, this material should be kept in a dry place and away from the direct sunlight. It was first used in 1916 to treat goiter disease. In the same year, tincture iodine and iodoform were used to disinfect cuts and scratches and to observe health principles.

Cubic structure of potassium iodide


Potassium iodide has many applications in the pharmaceutical and disinfecting industries, producing potassium iodine tablets to prevent radioactive iodine absorption, drilling, lubrication and laboratory applications in iodometric titrations.

potassium iodide

Compound name

KIO3 Chemical formula
7758-05-6 CAS number
white powder Appearance
3.89g/cm³ Density
- Boiling point


Melting point


The product characteristics of potassium iodide based on USP

Results Test
A white crystalline powder Appearance
Test A:Potassium
Test B:Iodide
 Min 99. 0% Assay
Max 10 ppm Heavy metals (as pb)
Max 4 µg/g Iodate
No blue color Observe Nitrate, Nitrite & Ammonia
No Turbidity Observe Thiosulfate & Barium
No Color Produce Acidity or Alkalinity (S1 Solution)
Max 1.0% Loss on Drying
2 ppm (mg/Kg) Arsenic
Max 0.06% Sulfate 

Net weight: 25 kg

Packaging of all products is in metalized packs containing 3 layers of polyester, aluminum, and polyethylene.

بسته بندی محصول

یدید پتاسیم


Keep away from combustible material.

Methods of storage and handling: In a cool environment, and away from direct sunlight and severe heat, and in fully sealed containers, and kept away from oxidizing or acidic materials.